Tessera Holding Becomes Xperi As It Focuses On A Complete User Experience

tessera holding corporation xperi

At the end of last year, Tessera Holding Corporation announced the acquisition of DTS, a major audio company specialized in digital surround sound. With this company in their portfolio, Tessera Holding Corp. capitalized on the opportunity of reuniting, under one umbrella, most of the ingredients required in a complete user experience: photo-video & audio technologies, semi-conductors to make those a reality and the patents to back them all. In order to reflect those new capabilities, Tessera Holding Corp. changed its identity to Xperi #todaymagic

Xperi Corporation (“Xperi”) and its Nasdaq ticker symbol, XPER, comprise the name and symbol under which Tessera Holding Corp. is set to innovate and create brand new experiences starting tomorrow, February 23rd. The new identity was created to reflect the company’s resolve of enabling not just cameras or cinematic productions, but billions of products in diverse ways everywhere.


Indeed, Xperi could make manufacturers’ lives easier, since it provides a one stop shop for all their needs: audio and broadcast tech, computational imaging solutions and semiconductor packaging, not to mention the IP licensing business Tessera runs. The tech powerhouse has the potential to innovate faster than ever before in this new formula and surprise us with mind-blowing technologies thanks to the army of engineers under its wing.

As Tom Lacey, CEO of Tessera Holding Corporation, said, “Xperi represents the combination of DTS, FotoNation, Invensas and Tessera – world-class companies dedicated to creating solutions that enable extraordinary experiences for people around the world. Our new logo and brand identity convey the unlimited possibilities of what our team of approximately 700 employees can create to truly impact the human experience. We are constantly inspired by how people use our technologies in their lives, and that drives us to continue generating ideas and innovation. We cannot wait to show the world what’s next.

Hear, hear! As fast as the tech world is evolving, it’s not fast enough; at least, not for those of us who want to see completely autonomous cars in the garage, hover taxis waiting for us, drone deliveries, biometric access to all of our belongings and even space voyages to Mars. Xperi might just push forward a slice of this future, with the combined power of FotoNation, DTS, Invensas and Tessera.


DTS has been developing premium audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema, automotive and more since 1993. Yes, that was the year of “Jurassic Park” and DTS’ involvement in the blockbuster changed the sound scene forever.

FotoNation was founded four years later and has been working on cutting-edge computational imaging and computer vision solutions ever since. In plain terms, all that tech essential for smartphones, digital cameras, drones and more, namely face detection and tracking, face beautification or HDR (just to name a few) is something they’ve dedicated the last 20 years to.

In the last six years, Invensas became the world’s leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies. These products lie at the core of any smart device. The smaller they are, the less power they consume, the better they become – this is what users need nowadays and manufacturers fight to offer, with the help of companies such as Invensas.

Tessera has a 27-year-old history as a provider of innovation and licensing technology and intellectual property.

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