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The 10 Best Ganking Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has specific roles, such as Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Tank, Support, and Assassin. Aside from these roles, there are specific lanes that you must focus on based on your hero. One of the specific roles you can play is a ganker, which is part of the roamer and jungler playstyles in Mobile Legends Bang Bang or other MOBA games.

To begin with, a roamer on your team does not stay in one lane. This player should go around different lanes to help clear them and assist heroes when they are overwhelmed. Jungler focuses on obtaining buffs in the map’s jungle and defeating bosses that will benefit your team in general.

Ganking, on the other hand, is a unique playstyle in which you attempt to kill heroes unexpectedly, and it is sometimes a team effort. To get the decisive victory, at least three players should ambush an enemy, but if you are the only one ganking enemies, it is fine as long as you have a powerful hero who can take out an enemy.

Here are ten heroes who will undoubtedly have an advantage when it comes to ganking enemies in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.


Fanny is a skilled assassin with a steep learning curve. However, once her moves are mastered, she can be a lethal ganking hero.

Her second ability, Steel Cable, will allow her to easily fly around the map. This is the most difficult skill to master because you must be extremely quick, and if you intend to gank enemies, you must master it in order to attack enemies in quick succession and finish them off.

Tornado Strike, her first ability, deals physical damage and is activated automatically when you hit an enemy while flying with Steel Cable. When you use Steel Cable to attack an enemy, they receive a stackable Prey Mark. Prey Mark increases the power of her ultimate, Cut Throat, to deal more damage to the enemy.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang hayabusa

Hayabusa is an assassin hero who excels at ganking enemies, against whom you can easily deal burst damage. He is most effective when you try to gank a solo enemy who is separated from his team.

The best combo is to use his second skill, Ninjutsu Quad Shadow, which slows down an enemy hero while allowing you to move around the map freely. After using it, use his first skill, Phantom Shuriken, to deal heavy damage to the enemy, then use his second skill to dash towards the enemy again.

Lastly, his ultimate can be the deciding factor because it does a lot of damage and the enemy can’t see it. This is a good skill for dealing the killing blow. 


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Yin

Yin is a fighter with a strong skill set for solo ganking. He works best alone, which is why he excels at isolating his opponent from both Yin’s and the enemy’s allies.

Let’s start with his ultimate, My Turn, which basically pulls an enemy into a different dimension where they fight 1v1. Because the domain can last up to 8 seconds, you’ll need good equipment to maximize your other skills. This ultimate also summons Lieh, Yin’s stronger form. Lieh has a unique skill set that works best in 1v1 situations.

If you don’t have an ultimate yet, you can use Charged Punch, which makes Yin move much faster, to gank enemies who are running away. Yin’s second skill, Instant Blast, is a blink-CC skill that allows him to reach enemies faster while also unleashing golden rings as he dashes that stun his enemies when hit.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Natalia

Natalia is another assassin who excels at ganking enemies. Her ability to take down enemies silently makes her dangerous.

Her passive, Assassin Instinct, makes her a lethal hero by dealing extra damage when you hit enemies from behind. She enters stealth mode in the bush, making herself virtually invisible to enemies. This is ideal for ganking enemies and using Claw Dash, her first skill, to deal massive damage. Her second ability, the smoke bomb, can literally prevent enemies from using basic attacks while slowing them down. She also gains an increase in attack speed, allowing her to completely overwhelm a single enemy.

Her ultimate, “The Hunt,” is a strong ganking hero because it lets her use her passive without the bush. It will make her physical damage go up, letting her kill enemies quickly with her combo. Make sure she has good items because she is easily countered when there are a lot of enemies targeting her.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tigreal

Tigreal, the original tank, is a great hero for ganking because of his amazing crowd-control ability, which also works well in isolating enemies so that they can be easily ganked.

To begin with, Tigreal is one of the best heroes for ganking setups. He cannot truly kill enemy heroes on his own unless he has the appropriate items. His ultimate, Implosion, can draw enemies to him, making him a viable option for isolating enemy heroes from the team. It also stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds, giving you enough time to finish off enemies.

His second skill, Sacred Hammer, can also be used to isolate a solo hero in the direction of your choice, which is another way to set up gank attacks. His first skill, Attack Wave, slows down enemies, which can aid in the completion of the task.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Gusion

Gusion is an assassin hero, so he is mostly a jungler. However, with better gear and his buff, he can be very dangerous when ganking enemies.

He is a skill-based hero who starts his powerful combo with his first skill, Sword Spike. Sword Spike is a blink-damage skill that Gusion can use to easily chase down retreating enemies, while Shadowblade Slaughter can be used to slow down enemies even more. Finally, use his ultimate skill, Incandescence, to deal massive damage to the enemy, and it will reset both the first and second skills, giving you plenty of time to complete your attack.

To have the most affect against enemy heroes as an assassin, you must obtain items that grant you life steal as well as items that reduce your cooldown.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Franco

Franco is a tank and support hero who has the right set of skills to start ganking enemies. As a tank or support hero, he excels as a roamer, assisting his team in clearing lanes or dealing with jungle monsters.

When it comes to ganking, his first skill, Iron Hook, is the ideal setup once mastered. Franco will launch a hook in your preferred direction, and if it hits an enemy, it will be dragged back to him. This is an excellent ganking skill because it allows you to easily isolate enemy heroes with low health and finish them off. Use it in conjunction with Fury Shock to slow them down, and use the ultimate, Bloody Hunt, if necessary.

If you’re playing as Franco to gank enemies, you should always have someone on your team who can deal a lot of damage to finish off isolated enemies quickly. Otherwise, the enemy may flee.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja

Kaja is a fighter/support hero, so he can withstand a lot of damage as a support hero. What makes him dangerous is his ability to deal incredible sustained damage while also debuffing them.

His passive, Wrath Sanction, eventually slows enemies and reduces their damage for 4 seconds. With his passive, you can easily gank and harass heroes. His skills, on the other hand, can effectively control and damage a large number of units, such as his first skill, Ring of Order. This also helps to restore his health.

His second ability, Lightning Bomb, can also paralyze enemies. His last ability, Divine Judgement, can stun and drag the enemy hero with him, which is useful for ganking enemies and pulling them towards your team. 


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Jawhead

Jawhead is a fighter who is excellent at ganking. He can hurl an opponent or an ally to help your team gain an advantage, as well as deal a lot of physical damage to the enemy with his other skills.

If you intend to gank an enemy, make sure he is in a position where Jawhead’s second skill, Ejector, can easily pick him off. He gains a speed boost, allowing him to chase down enemies. By pressing the skill again, you can direct the nearest target to a specific location. This is an excellent skill for ganking enemies because it allows you to throw the enemy to a location where your teammates are waiting.

You can also toss your allies to put them in a better position or assist them in escaping enemies when you are retreating. As a fighter, Jawhead has powerful skills such as Smart Missiles, which deal massive damage, and his ultimate, Unstoppable Force, which deals massive damage and stuns anyone who is hit directly. Units in the immediate vicinity will be pushed back.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang Atlas

Most of the time, a great gank hero has high mobility, and Atlas definitely has that. He is a tank/support with excellent mobility for cornering and ganking enemies.

For example, when his passive skill, Frigid Breath, is active, enemies’ movement is slowed, and they can actually become frozen if they remain in the area of Frigid Breath. His second skill, Perfect Match, can improve his movement and make him immune to slowing effects. This makes it a great skill for sneaking up on enemies. Annihilate can be used in conjunction with his second skill to cover more ground and deal more damage.

Lastly, his ultimate ability, Fatal Links, lets you isolate enemy heroes by dragging them to you and making them move much more slowly. 


Ganking enemies is a fun way to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but it requires bravery and good planning because you are diving and isolating an enemy hero to finish them off. To successfully gank a hero, it is highly recommended that you master your preferred hero first and that you communicate with your teammates if possible.

If you know of any heroes that excel at ganking, please let us know in the comments section below. And, if you are looking for a place for your Mobile Legend top up, be sure to visit OffGamers here.

Article contributed by Sarah Paul, a content outreach writer for OffGamers.

About Sarah Paul: I foster relationships between gaming enthusiasts and gaming developers to create relevant content for gamers worldwide. I also happen to be a passionate writer and certified night owl.

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The 10 Best Ganking Heroes in Mobile Legends
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