The 5G Safety Standards Are Still Valid, According to FCC

The 5G Safety Standards Are Still Valid, According to FCC

The United States Federal Communications Commission has said in a press release, on Thursday, that it will not change the way radio emissions are regulated and deemed 5G to be safe, as they are still reliable now.

This comes following a proposal from FCC chairman Ajit Pai, that among other things, suggests small changes in how radio wave emissions limits are set – but only to make the rules consistent across different technology types.

The commission also stated that the current rules are “among the most stringent in the world”. 5G radio waves are a higher frequency than 4G, but there has been no evidence that it would be harmful to humans. The radio emissions remain in the non-ionizing radiation radio spectrum that doesn’t damage human DNA.

The FCC indirectly acknowledged 5G as safe when it approved the devices that support it, but this latest statement firmly confirms the belief.

5G technology is only just starting to create a buzz, carriers like Verizon and Sprint are making it available in certain cities and manufacturers are slowly releasing devices to support it.

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