The BW Space Pro Zoom Underwater Drone Comes With Zoom Lens
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The BW Space Pro Zoom Underwater Drone Comes With Zoom Lens

Image Credit: Youcan Robot

Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) have gained much popularity lately, despite the idea that most companies are interested in sky-based drones.

Underwater exploration is exciting and hasn’t been prospected enough yet, therefore, ROV’s can be very helpful here.

Last year, China’s Youcan Robot launched the consumer-focused BW Space submersible, followed now by a much better version – the BW Space Pro Zoom.

Its new four-motor design allows the drone to rise and dive using up-and-down tilts of 45 degrees, which offers more control.

The BW Space Pro Zoom is able to dive into depths of 100 meters, due to its real-time video sent via a tether linked to a Wi-Fi repeater and has a 6x optical zoom with image stabilization. You can use a smartphone or its remote to control the gadget up to 500 meters away.

In terms of the most relevant specs, The BW Space Pro Zoom integrates a 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor, due to which the system can capture 12-megapixel images and high-resolution 4K video. The gadget is able to last up to five hours when taking still images, while for video us, its battery lasts about three hours, according to Youcan Robot.

If the BW Space Pro Zoom caught your eye, you may want to know it cost from $999 to $1,999, depending on its specs.

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