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You Can Now Order a $139 Wooden Case For Your Precious Apple Card

Image source: Kerf

Apparently, the new Apple Card does not go well with a leather case, as it easily becomes discolored. So if you used to put your cards in the wallet or in your purse, they might not look so good after a short time.

Of course, someone thought about that and came up with a convenient solution, a wooden case to keep them.

The idea belongs to Kerf, which created a dead-tree vessel which is able to keep the Apple Card in good shape.

Image source: Kerf

The box is made of wood and it can cost from $39 the least if it is made of maple, up to $139 for a “Figured Walnut”, which means it integrates a printed image of your choice on it. 

Image source: Kerf

You may not expect this, but the box actually features a lot of ‘specs’ among which there are:

  • The case has the size of a multi-card holder, “holds one card only.” and it’s as thick as Apple’s current iPhone cases.
  • The product was actually the result of short research, “a week looking at the smallest details”.
  • Kerf is also the manufacturer of a range of wooden iPhone cases, so the card cases go well with its iPhone cases.
  •  The wooden little box “will also work with other credit cards”

Finally, if you decide to go for the wooden case, you should expect the product to arrive in approximately 1-3 weeks. 

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