The First 1000-Processor Computer Chip Is Here

kilocore_chip (1)

Graduate students put their minds to it and designed the first 1000-processor microchip, one that’s capable of working 1.78 trillion instructions every second #hardwaremagic

This baby won’t be found in your next MacBook, though, having been reserved for far more important and complex tasks, such as high-grade encryption, weather forecasting and research projects.

The KiloCore is 100 times more efficient than today’s laptop processors, yet it’s powered by just one AA battery – talk about enginnering feats! Each processor turns on, runs and shuts down independently, transferring data to each other directly, instead of using a shared memory.

If you don’t realize the magnitude of this piece, imagine that the fastest supercomputer in the world  has 260 cores on a chip. Granted, its packed with 41.000 such chips, but you can’t run one on a regular, AA battery, can you?!

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