The FlowerBud: a Siri-controlled Mood Lap With a Diffuser
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The FlowerBud: a Siri-controlled Mood Lamp With a Diffuser


We talk a lot about smart kitchens, they are the heart of a home (even a smart home!) after all, and we talk about smart TVs too but we don’t talk enough about all the other accessories we can ‘smart up’. So let’s chat about VOCOlinc’s FlowerBud today.

The FlowerBud is the very first and only smart diffuser that works with the Apple HomeKit, for one (but also with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant).

It has a sleek shape that imitates a flower bulb but that’s not only for aesthetic purposes: the base is actually a small pool that hosts a combination of water and scented oil and the base narrows all the way up to create a small chimney-like area that allows the diffuser to release the scented steam.

The base also has two buttons, each that control two other functions such as an on/off one, a function that allows you to shift between the lamp’s colors and a ‘mist’ function that can turn sleep mode on for the diffuser, for a period of time between 2 to 6 hours, after which it activates itself back up again.

Of course, the FlowerBud comes with a companion app that allows you to keep an eye on water and humidity levels and set up the sleep timers. For safety reasons though, the diffuser will run continuously for 8 hours before turning itself off.

Of course, you can also control the light effects, which come in three modes: a breathing mode, where the colors slowly change between each other, a flashing mode (which is pretty self explanatory), and a smoothing mode, which is basically a very gentle transition between the colors.

You can, of course, customize the lamp with the colors you prefer as well as decide which brightness level suits you best.

The FlowerBud can be added to the HomeKit as soon as it’s powered on and it will appear as two different accessories (a diffuser and a light), which you can name however you like via the Home app – it will also be the name Siri will be using for voice control.

All you have to do from then on is ask Siri to turn the diffuser on or off, change the humidity level, turn the mood lamp on and off, change the brightness or the color, all just by using an iPhone, Ipad, Apple TV, Mac and even an Apple Watch.

All in all, the FlowerBud is better than having scented candles burn around the house unsupervised and hey – it has pretty colors too.

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