The Google Store Is Now Offering Refurbished Products

The Google Store Is Now Offering Refurbished Products


If you usually visit the Google Store, you know that is the the best place to pick up any official accessories and certified Google products but what the Store didn’t have was a way to purchase refurbished, Google-certified items. Until now that, is. 

The company announced that it has set up a new storefront that the users can access to grab refurbished, discounted products and they’ve decided to start this new side of the Google Store with the Pixelbook.

According to the company, each product has the “same high standards and rigorous testing of any device with the Google name” so that’s good news – at least now the users wouldn’t have to purchase products that have been refurbished by third-parties or friends that might or might have not done a good enough job. Google also mentions that all the products will be fixed with accessories that “fit Google’s standard” and, in addition to that, they will also come with a one-year warranty in two as well as financing. 

For now, Google has only set the Pixelbook and a 3-pack of the Google WiFi router in this section, both of them in limited quantities but with significant price cuts: the Pixelbook goes from $999 to $749 while the Google WiFi sees a change from $299 to $179. 

While the price cut is not too low, it’s still something. Google does have its own refurbishing program but if you choose to go that route, the price cuts are not all that impressive. 

The new program has just popped up on the radar today so Google will most likely enrich its offer beyond the two products it currently has available quite soon. So if that’s something you’d be interested in, keep an eye out on the Google Store website. Who knows? You might get lucky and find that bargain you’ve been looking for. 

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