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The New Tamagotchi Lets You Marry Your Pets and Start Clans

new tamagotchi on namco bandai

Looking for a cute game that won’t ask or steal your personal information (or nag you with offers and upgrades)?

The new Tamagotchi toys will do that and scratch the nostalgic itch, whether you were an 80s, 90s or 2000s kid.

Even though it’s coming more than 20 years after the release of the original toy, the new Tamagotchi On keeps everything just as adorable as you remembered but makes it bigger than ever.

You still have to feed, clean and play with your virtual pet to keep it alive and happy but you won’t be doing that from a keychain-sized device. The new Tamagotchi On is palm sized and has a larger screen and much bigger options tacked on to the three buttons.

What’s really special is the new functions that work with IR wireless communication between two Tamagotchi Ons.

You can now introduce your virtual pet to your friends’, set up playdates and even ask another Tamagotchi On to be your husband or wife. Once that happens, each Tamagotchi On will get an egg that will grow into a new pet with features borrowed from both parents.

If you really want your own clan, you’ll be able to store up to 16 generations of pets on a single Tamagotchi device, though who would want that responsibility remains unclear.

Because it’s packed with so many new features, the new Tamagotchi On will also be more expensive, retailing for $60 starting this July.

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