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The New Veer Earplugs Might Make Your Work From Home More Tolerable

Working from home and unable to focus because of random household noises or neighbors being louder than usual?

Check out the Veer Earplugs, a currently-in-development alternative to noise cancelling headphones.

“The patent-pending technology allows you to set up a user-friendly sound level of the surrounding world, drowning out 5-32 dB depending on the selected mode and sound frequency,” say the developers.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between regular foam earplugs and the Veer Earplugs, the inventor Andrei Remyannikov says that the noise reduction is so significant and the fit so comfortable, that “everyone who puts on earplugs for the first time and tightens the noise-canceling wheel begins to smile stupidly”.

Indeed, if you tried foam earplugs, you probably know they’re effective but can be uncomfortable.

Even more, they don’t allow for various strengths of noise-cancelling, so they make it difficult to hold conversations.

According to the claims, all you have to do to set up the desired volume on the Veer Earplugs is to twist the outer ring slowly.

veer earplugs adjustable noise cancelling

The best part is that these gadgets don’t need charging. The worst part might just be availability and price.

On the official website, the developers warn that the first batch of Veer Earplugs will be released in April and will retail for $59.

However, if you sign up now, you can get the early bird offer and snag them for $49.

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