The Witcher Calculator Should Be Your First Stop Before Exploring Geralt’s Universe

Netflix’s most popular series last year (and according to some, ever), The Witcher, was a dream come true for gamers and book fans and a fresh slice of TV for the rest. Through Henry Cavill’s Geralt, fantasy genre fans discovered a whole new universe to explore. But where should they start? And how much time will it take?

The Witcher Calculator can answer both questions. An online tool made by developer Marysia Kluziak, the calculator’s goal is to estimate how much time you’ll need to explore all the Witcher lore.

Now, that might not be a question many of us need the answer to… when it comes to a couple of books. But the Witcher series is comprised of eight written pieces (short stories, the saga itself and a standalone novel). Not to mention, there are different narratives surrounding the characters on the market that ae not Sapkowski’s but fun to read, nonetheless.

And even then, after you’re done going through those, there are still the games to consider. The three video games released by CD Projekt are definitely worth losing some sleep over, especially the third iteration, Wild Hunt, which is – not kidding – one of the best games of all time.

So, Kluziak wanted to make your life easier: “I built this tool to give this power to choose a reading style/playstyle and see how long it’ll take. Given that not everyone might always find time to just cuddle up in a blanket and read for an indefinite amount of time, you know?”

The calculator uses data concerning your reading and gaming habits, will let you opt for the order in which you want to read and play and the starting date.

You can access the tool here.

And remember: you should finish everything until season 2 of The Witcher hits Netflix, which is next year.

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