There’s Hope: Xiaomi Intends To Bring Its Smartphones To The US

xiaomi mi mix

It has finally happened, guys. I won’t have to write that depressing line at the end of the article anymore. You know, the one announcing that Xiaomi’s phones are a no-show on the U.S market. After a long wait, the company decided to sell their products to American consumers. They’ve even set the date! #mobilemagic

The company behind the wildly successful Mi MIX phone and the recent Mi 6 device is taking baby steps towards their American fans. After Hugo Barra left the company, the relationship between Xiaomi and the U.S seemed more uncertain than ever. But to our surprise, his replacement, Wang Xiang, wants their devices to reach U.S. shores more than ever. In fact, Xiang told CNET that he expected this move to happen by 2019.

Before that happens, the company will have to overcome a couple of serious obstacles. New senior vice president Wang Xiang is aware of them; he shared with Engadget the fact that Xiaomi isn’t ready to supply the American market or any other for that matter, except the ones they’re catering to at the moment. Perhaps the biggest issues, though, are the several LTE bands their devices would need to support and the number of carriers around. Before setting base in U.S., the company would need to make a strategy regarding the latter.

They might also need to rethink their regarding marketing and communication strategy. Low prices are appealing to anyone but they might not be enough to convince consumers to cross to their side. Instead, a blend of innovative design and impressive features should work better.

The next couple of years will decide whether Xiaomi has the resources and courage to enter one of the most competitive markets in the world.

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