These Robots Are As Real As You And Me


Robots have come a long way. This year only, one passed China’s medical exam for the first time ever, others have competed against each other in a Transformers fashion, while some have blown our minds away with their dancing skills, human-like looks or ethical goals.  If you thought that was impressive, you have to see this round-up of marvelous robots #machinemagic

Bionic butterflies and robo-ants are some of the best spies in the world… and they’re here. Small and light, made to look like their real counterparts, they can transmit data seamlessly without anyone noticing their true nature.

Speaking of robotic creatures, the Bionic Kangaroo from Festo is pretty amazing as well. Just like a real kangaroo, this one recovers energy from one jump to use it for its next one. It is gesture-controlled, meaning it will hop at the rise of a forearm. As many other robotic animals, it is a use-case meant to help the company uncover solutions for problems that appear on jobs relying on automation, while exploring ways to combine electronics with pneumatics.

Going back to the machines that could spy on the enemy in the near future, you have the… robot shark. This robot moves just like real fish. It can dive to the depth needed and repair a ship or destroy it, undetected.

Just as slithery is the robo-snake, which can be used to reach places massive machines can’t. Check these out and more in the video below:

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