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The FCC Approved Wireless Charging From A Distance

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Between sending Christmas wishes, uploading photos of all the surprises and gifts you’ve received and vlogging on your winter vacation, you’ve had to wait for your devices to charge more often than not. So, you’ll probably jump up and down when you hear that the FCC has approved a new wireless charging protocol, “at a distance” #mobilemagic

The WattUp Mid Field transmitter is a tech proposed by Energous, a startup from San Jose. Their idea is to provide truly unhindered device charging that can act from a 3 feet distance. Basically, you wouldn’t need to depend on a charging pad, as the majority of mobile devices – especially smartphones – now have to.

The present method is more convenient than the wired one, but you still have to use an extra unit to charge your phone and are restrained to one device/unit or at most 3 small ones.

So, what the FCC has just approved can improved that process tremendously. We’re talking about the first commercial wireless charging unit that can work from three feet away with multiple devices in the same time – think headphones, tablets, keyboards, etc.

Plus, Energous is now planning to extend that distance; their WattUp Far Field transmitter – that is currently in development – could charge from 15 feet away! That means an increase in mobility and independence for the users… although, multiple wireless charging comes with a logical drawback: longer charging period. The company hasn’t been clear about that aspect, yet.

Another problem is the compatibility. In order to take advantage of the new tech, your devices will have to come with hardware support. This means Energous will have to convince OEMs of the pros of redesigning their products’ to suit the wireless at-a-distance.

Whether they will succeed that or not, it remains to be seen. However, they will be at CES 2018 to talk about their breakthrough.

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