This Battery Is A Lifesaver! It Can Charge Your Phone For 40 Days


The average smartphone battery lasts about one day, if you don’t use Instagram, Snapchat or even Facebook excessively. That means you have to stay close to a USB port or a prong outlet to give it life at the end of the day. This battery, though, will help you really be mobile, everywhere, even in the heart of a forest, because it gives 40 days worth of power to your device #mobilemagic

The Anker PowerHouse has a whooping 120,600mAh, enough to keep your phone alive for more than a month. But that’s not all; it can charge your other gadgets, as well. The battery is equipped with four USB ports, a 12-volt DC outlet for any electronics that go with your car and a standard three-prong outlet.

Think of those options like this: a laptop can be recharged 15 times over until the battery dies. When it’s out of power, you can fully recharge it with the designated charger in 10 hours. Less than a day of waiting for 40 days of uninterrupted fun!

How much does it cost? $500, a more than fair price for what it can do.

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