Electrical Aircraft Reaches Heights Of 60.000 Feet, Without The Need Of A Runway


For men that dream to have military-grade aerial vehicles at affordable prices (oh, they’re more numerous than you can imagine), Air Strato might be a solution. This air robot flies “almost twice as high as a commercial airliner”, without the restraints of the first – a runway.  Or, at least that’s the promise #todaymagic

Air Strato is the first Romanian electrical aircraft that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via satellite or GSM communication. The best thing is that it will take off from any location, without the need of a usable runway. Air Strato comes in two versions – The Explorer and Pioneer. The main difference between the two is the height each of them can reach.

The Explorer will go up to 60,000 ft on sollar cells and batteries or  13,000 ft if it relies on hybrid propulsion with power generator and batteries. In any case, they say it guarantees a day of endurance. Pioneer is more “grounded”, reaching just 26.000 ft, 13.000 ft. respectively.

How do you communicate with your airplane? You use The Interface, ARCA’s mission control center. From there, you can view flight parameters, you can opt for autopilot or go full manual mode.

The initial tests were a success so you’re now able to pre-order the air robot… if you want to fulfill your Captain America dream.

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