Japanese Mesh Glasses Could Mask Your Identity From Facial Recognition Software


While passwords and PINs seem old-fashioned for some, comfortable with fingerprints already and overall supportive of biometrics in security, other appreciate their privacy to take that risk. One Japanese firm went as far as to design a privacy visor that scrambles facial recognition software #biomagic

Nissey Corp. developed a pair of futuristic glasses that, while allowing for some light (so you can see what’s happening around you), it destabilizes facial recognition sensors with a mesh screen that blurs the light normally reflected by your face.


“This is a way to prevent privacy invasion through the many image sensors in smartphones and other devices that can unintentionally photograph people in the background,” said National Institute for Informatics researcher and a visor developer Isao Echizen.

One year ago, at MWC, AVG came with a similar pair of glasses that prevented biometric software to recognize and take a photo of the user’s face. Those used a set of infrared LEDs around the eyes and nose, visible only to digital cameras. Problem is, they never made it to the market. These ones, should, though, at a retail price of  $240.

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