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Give Up Your Travel Guide For These Vibrating Shoes That Point The Right Way!

As a tourist, you’re always forced to keep a travel guide around or ask for directions all day long. It can become exhausting to search half a day for a particular place instead of just enjoying the view. One airline company understood that perfectly so it decided to manufacture smart shoes that know exactly where you want to go on your vacation #objectmagic

EasyJet, the UK’s budget airline, made  Sneakairs, a pair of ordinary-looking sport shoes that double as tour guides. Thanks to a vibration module, Bluetooth Low Energy unit and battery put together on a tiny board in the insole, the shoes can notify you when to veer right or left. Use them with a pedestrian navigator app and you can effectively tell them to steer you in the right direction.

Once an itinerary is chosen, the left foot will vibrate when you have to turn left, the right when you should go right. You’ll also feel a simultaneous buzz from both shoes if you lost the way. Once you’re at the right destination, the pair of travelling shoes will vibrate three times, indicating you can stop. Of course, every time you take a break from the course to sip coffee or shop some souvenirs, the app freezes and recalculates the destination once you’re moving again.

For now, Sneakairs are in prototype phase, with the battery lasting just 3 hours but if they can repair all the kinks… you’ll be able to take them on each and every one of your trips!

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