This Fitness App Matches You With a Personal Trainer
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This Fitness App Matches You With a Personal Trainer


Fitness apps, while they might show you how to do this thing or the other, don’t really do a lot to help you stay motivated. So Future decided to tackle exactly that problem with a new app that actually assigns you a real, human coach that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. 

The coaches will personalize your workout plans and you’ll even receive an Apple Watch that will track your activity, just in case you might not tell your coach the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Alright, so how does this thing work?

To begin with, on signup you’ll be asked a few questions about what your goals are, such as if your plan is to put some muscles on or lose some weight instead and then the app will match you up with some expert coaches that will fit your goals. 

After the match-up, you’ll actually get to video chat with your coach and let them know what your general schedule is, along with other details about yourself and decide together what the best workout plan is. 

Following the ‘interview’, Future will send you a welcome kit that will include the Apple Watch we mentioned before and a water bottle.

After that, the hard part begins: your trainer will start sending you daily, personalized routines, alongside video instructions for every exercise as well as pre-recorded motivational voice clips that will accompany your workout. 

But don’t think that you’ll be all alone to do as you please: the trainers will be checking in through the day to make sure you keep doing your exercises and sticking to the plan. They do check your activity and heart-rate data thanks to the Apple Watch as well, so they will know if you’ve been procrastinating. 

After every workout session, you’ll be asked to give feedback which will then be used to make your training experiences even better and, of course, get Future to continue to stay in your life for a long time and help you reach your goals. 

It doesn’t get more personalized than this when it comes to fitness apps but there’s a downside: if you want to get the full one-on-one treatment, the subscription will make your wallet $150 lighter, every month.  

FIND future app here!

Most paid fitness apps rarely go past the $1 marker, so it’s up to you to decide if you really want that dream body or if you’d rather prefer to Netflix in the evenings instead of sweating it out. 

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