This Gorgeous Metal NES Console Can Be Yours... For $500

This Gorgeous Metal NES Console Can Be Yours… For $500

nt mini noir nes console pre-order

Analogue has made a reputation for itself with the launch of the Nt Mini back in 2014, which was a gorgeous metallic NES.

Now, the company is back with an even classier option, the Nt Mini Noir Edition.

This gunmetal console with gold-plated ports is definitely not cheap though, jumping over the price of even a PS4 or an Xbox One.


The NT Mini Noir Edition will be available in a very limited edition at $499 and will start shipping in July.

It’s very expensive but, if you check eBay for the original Nt Mini, you’ll see people are selling it for at least $700. 

Perhaps the same thing will happen with the revamped model? 

As for functionality, you will be able to play your favorite NES and Famicom games without an emulator using a wireless controller from 8BitDo

We wish the controller kept the console’s gunmetal and gold combo but alas, it’s a regular one.

You can pre-order the Nt mini Noir here

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