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This Palm-Sized Computer Runs macOS Big Sur, No Need for a Mac After All

When I have extra time on my hands, I usually binge watch a TV series or, if I feel a bit more productive, catch up on a MasterClass course. But some folks actually utilize their time to the max coming up with inventions so cool, we have to feature them. Like this guy who made macOS run on a palm-sized computer, proving you don’t need an Apple Mac after all.

YouTuber Ike T. Sanglay Jr. painstakingly built a handheld PC that runs the latest software from Apple. He did it all from scratch! He started with a LattePanda Alpha SBC, which is a single-board computer, adding an Arduino Leonardo microcontroller board to it, as well as an Intel Core m3 CPU.

To finish his computer, he added 8GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD. Everything was put together and packaged in a 3D-printed case. Of course, it sounds easier than it actually was. You have to see Sanglay in action, cutting screws and adding cables to really get an idea of the amount of work this required.

In the end, the interface looks fully operational – we’re actually looking at a tiny Mac although with a completely different design.

Is it something anyone could do? Definitely not. Is it cheaper than getting an M1 Mac Mini? The Youtuber admits it isn’t. Is it, however, fun? You betcha!

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This Palm-Sized Computer Runs macOS Big Sur, No Need for a Mac After All
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