This Rubber Stamp Device Is The Shazam For Fonts And Colors

You’re a creative person, maybe even a professional designer, so colors and fonts always draw your attention. Once you find a particularly interesting one for your projects, it’s incredibly hard to identify it correctly using just digital tools. That’s why a graduating student developed a physical device similar to a rubber stamp to capture them and use them in InDesign #objectmagic

Fiona O’Leary built the Spector as the Shazam of fonts and colors. The working prototype is placed over a piece of media and then the button on top is pressed. Instantly, the built-in camera captures the information and an algorithm analyses the shape of the typeface or the CMYK/RGB numbers. Afterwards, the info is confronted with a font or color database identifying the shade and type.

O’Leary says that the font and color can be instantly transferred to InDesign if the user has the computer nearby. Otherwise, the gadget can store around 20 fonts.

This physical eyedropper is extremely simple to use and could come in handy to creatives, but O’Leary isn’t in a hurry to commercialize it. Let’s hope changes her mind soon…

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