Roboto Serif is a Welcomed Google Font Addition
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Bringing Serif Back: Roboto Serif is a Welcomed Google Font Addition

Google knows it’s not the big gestures but the tiny things that count. A retro take on their decade-old font, Robot Sans, definitely fits the bill. Meet the new Roboto Serif.

Bringing Serif back is Google’s new motto, judging by their new font addition. Robot Serif is a carefully thought out in-house font with every letter painstakingly redrawn from scratch.

The result? An ingenious mix of serif and sans-serif by keeping the same vertical proportions of the original font.

Google’s presentation video makes it clear that this font was meant for comfortable reading. It has just a “whisper of serif”, in the company’s own words, which makes it ideal for both print and digital.

It’s also a variable font so users can play with width, size, grade and more. Presumably it will come in handy to folks that want something minimal but whimsical too.

Google introduced Roboto as a font with its Android 4.0, making it the company’s default mobile OS font. Since then, it has been replaced by Product Sans across marketing materials but we wouldn’t be surprised if Google had a change of heart and patched things up with the Roboto family.

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Bringing Serif Back: Roboto Serif is a Welcomed Google Font Addition
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