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Finished Writing? Throw This Smart Notebook In the Microwave to Erase the Ink And Use It Again

Ever dreamed you could put your notebook in the microwave?

Now it’s possible and not as a way to get rid of your homework but to continue using it.

Meet the Rocketbook Wave Smart Reusable Notebook, the world’s first ‘microwave-to-erase’ smart notebook, as its creators put it.

What dark magic is this?

The Rocketbook Wave works with any FriXion Pen from Pilot, whose ink turns clear when heated at 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C, hence the idea to microwave the notebook.

rocketbook wave microwave notebook

The makers say you can erase and reuse this smart notebook up to five times.

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The Rocketbook Wave is not only reusable, simply by throwing it in the microwave oven to clear the pages, but also lets you digitize your notes and stores them in the cloud, from Google Drive to iCloud, Evernote and more.

All you have to do is use the Rocketbook app to quickly scan the notes – you can also put marks at the bottom of the page to send them to specific destinations and share them.

The Rocketbook notebook has made waves on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raising more than $1 million.

Now, it’s available on Amazon in A4 or A5 size options, starting at around $32. If you want more a notebook with more organizational features, check out the Rocketbook Fusion as well.

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Finished Writing? Throw This Smart Notebook In the Microwave to Erase the Ink And Use It Again
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