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How To Brew Your Own Beer At Home, With A Smartphone


On these hot, summer days, nothing goes better with a backyard barbecue than some chilled beers. If you’re the type to try every original brew during vacation, then you’ll get excited at the idea of making your own lager with your smartphone #objectmagic

Whether you are on Android or iOS, BrewArt – the Nespresso of beers – lets you make the beer of your dreams remotely via Wi-Fi. BrewArt is a one-in-two machine; the Beerdroid prepares the beer using ingredients delivered by the company or special packages that replicate the most popular beers in the world, called BeerPrints. Afterwards, Brewflo stores and pours the chilled beer. 

Beerdroid can brew a maximum of 10 litres of beer/cycle, all the while showing every parameter you can set, including temperature, on the LCD screen or through the companion app. Decide between a specific lager / ale or make your own, if you know exactly what you like. The app will send notifications concerning the progress of your beer or percentage of brew cycle completed.

If something happens and you have to leave the house temporarily, you can set the machine to let the brew sleep until you can resume the process. After finishing the drink, Beerflo takes it, stores it at the ideal temperature and serves it to friends and family.

The only thing we’re not so excited about? The price. If you want the Beerdroid and Brewflo (which you probably will) then you have to spend $1,498! You’ll be the envy of your friends… but how many barbecues can you organize?


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