This Smartphone Case Keeps Your Data Safe With Added Biometric Sensors And Encryption

pomm security case

Data privacy is starting to become a top priority especially if you handle sensitive information at work. As cloud-bases systems are extremely vulnerable, private data breaches, fraud and a total loss of privacy are imminent. More and more smartphone companies are focused on bringing a security layer to your actions with fingerprint and iris scanning or manufacture consumer-ready devices with military grade encryption.  Others come up with accessories that can enhance your biometric security like POMM #mobilemagic #biomagic #securemagic

This tech startup has designed a hardware smartphone case that bypasses cloud based systems and instead provides a secure platform that encrypts and stores your information. The case connects to your phone through a USB cable. Afterwards, advanced biometric sensors begin the authentication process before letting the user access his device.


Everything is neatly and easily managed from an icon-based menu. Stored data goes in a separate add-on case flash memory, after it’s fully encrypted. Every bit of element that helps secure your smartphone is provided by POMM – extra CPU, storage, bio-sensors and battery.

Added bonus? The case’ 1500 mAh lithium battery will increase your phone’s life by 50% ! Quite the treat, we have to say. POMM security case will fit both iOS and Android phones, but before it hits stores, the company has to raise around $10 million through share sales. Fingers crossed!

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