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This Sports Photographer Ditched His DSLR To Shoot Amazing Pictures On iPhone

  • the-players-championship-brad-mangin
  • brad-mangin-baseball-sunrise
  • the-players-championship-brad-mangin
  • brad-mangin-baseball-sunrise

For over 20 years, Brad Mangin didn’t miss a sport event. Always with his DSLR at hand and accessories aside, the photographer made sure he would capture the action in real time. Now, though, he’s slowly discovering an iPhone can do the job as well, as long as you know some tricks #fotomagic

Mangin realized he preferred taking shots with his smartphone because the small size allowed him to get frames impossible to grab using a bulky camera and even capture people in a more intimate manner. While an impressive equipment intimidates normal people, a phone helps them to loosen up. Of course, taking a picture with your phone implies changing the game and with it, the rules.

Brad kne that you couldn’t get split-second action shots with a phone as with a professional cam. So, his process changed:

  • he focused on telling stories with details and static mediums
  • he started using Snapseed, Google’s mobile editing app, to tweak his pics
  • he put his phone in Airplane mode so he could use Instagram’s filters, but not necessarily share all pictures on the platform
  • he used PhotoShelter’s Libris Uploader to upload pictures to any organization’s central photo archive

The resulting pictures can be seen on his website and accompanying Instagram account.

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