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This Takumi Smart Cooking Gadget Works As Cooktop, Coffee Maker & More!

One of the best surprises at CES 2021 is the Takumi, one of the most versatile smart cooking appliances we’ve seen yet…and cooks everything in under 8 minutes! 

Designed by Yo-Kai Express, a maker of autonomous restaurant technology mostly for large-scale enterprises like hotels or malls, the Takumi is designed to make your life easier in the home, not outside of it.

The Takumi is a high-induction cooktop, a coffee maker and a steamer for sanitizing, all at once.

Just how smart it is? 

You can sanitize baby bottles, boil eggs, make fluffy rice, make pasta, dumplings, coffee…pretty much all of the regular kitchen jobs.

It’s not only versatile but connects via RFID to an app with pre-programmed recipes that cook between 2 and 8 minutes tops.

It can also alert you when the container runs low, so that’s another perk.

All of it is in a package about the size of a regular Kitchen Aid, so it can work in any small kitchen to replace a long list of other appliances – see a demo here.

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This Takumi Smart Cooking Gadget Works As Cooktop, Coffee Maker & More!
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