This Will Make Your Day: iPhones Will Soon Shoot RAW


Sometimes, you finally see the right moment and the right subject for a photography project but you don’t have your DSLR on you. The smartphone is your best second choice, only it can spoil the image with a bad white balance or by underexposing the subject. Apple knows that too and that is why it’s going to enable the RAW shooting option on iPhones and iPads with iOS 10 #fotomagic #mobilemagic

At the WWDC Conference, Apple announced that it would allow developers to access RAW image files taken on any iOS device. Wit a bit of luck, apps like Instagram and VSCO will jump at the opportunity to give photographers yet another reason to use them – by enabling shooting, editing and posting from RAW. Indeed, smartphone’s camera sensors are tiny compared with those on ILCs and SLRS so you won’t have the best image quality, but it’s still going to make a difference on your Instagram profile. iOS will save its RAW files in .DNG, Adobe’s Digital Negative.

Up to this point, only Android users had the chance to set their cameras to capture RAW, through Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app. We’ll have to wait and see how Apple is going to handle it.

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