Thriva's New Kits Let You Do Stress and Fertility Level Tests At Home

Thriva’s New Kits Let You Do Stress and Fertility Tests at Home

thriva saliva box cortisol stress test home kit

One of the biggest UK health startups, Thriva, just announced the launch of three new health tracking kits.

The one that’s going to appeal to every busy adult is the Thriva Stress Test, a convenient kit that lets you check your cortisol levels at home with a simple saliva swab.

Designed to check your stress level four times a day to pinpoint moments when you lose your cool, the test contains four pieces of fabric to chew on. You then mail the swab and wait for the reply of a UK-qualified medical professional.

The other two health kits are female oriented: an at-home fertility level check and a hormonal check for menopausal range. These two require more than chewing on a bit of fabric. To use them, clients will have to answer a questionnaire and do a blood-prick based test. Those materials are then mailed out for review to a doctor, with the results coming back within 48 hours.

Among the hormones tracked are FSH, Luteinsing, Oestradiol, Testosterone, and SHBG, told Thriva to TechCrunch.

So far, the Thriva tests are only available in the UK for £79 each.

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