TikTok Creator Bytedance Is Planning to Launch a Music Stream App
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TikTok Creator Bytedance Is Planning to Launch a Music Stream App


TikTok’s success in 2019 is undeniable, and its owner Bytedance is planning to ride the wave further by launching a new music stream app. The short-form video app registered over 1.5 billion downloads and has over one billion monthly active users.

The Chinese company already announced the release of its own smartphone earlier this month and it’s not stopping here.
The new music streaming service is set to be launched in emerging markets like Brasil, India, and Indonesia. It will more than likely be a paid service but be a fierce competitor of Spotify and Amazon Music, a Financial Times report suggests.

As expected, Bytedance’s music streaming service will offer features that promote and plug directly with TikTok. The same FT report says users will be able to sync the music they’re listening in the app with TikTok and create videos.

Apart from this new service, Bytedance is looking to enter the search engine and instant messaging markets, having already launched “Toutiao” in China.

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