Tinder Lite Brings Swiping Even with Poor or Expensive Data

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Match Group, the biggest company in the dating app area, announced that its biggest app is getting a smaller version.

Just like with Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite and a host of other apps, you’ll soon have the option to download Tinder Lite and keep swiping even in places with poor data (or expensive data!).

The news comes from an earnings call that Match Group CEO, Mandy Ginsberg hosted but did not feature any extra details.

It’s not exactly known how Tinder Lite will shave off data demands or the exact launch date (soon™).

However, we do know Southeast Asia is a priority for Match Group, because Internet penetration has grown by 15% in recent years in that area, so that’s probably one of the first places you’ll be able to swipe on a budget.

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