Are Tiny Uniti One EV Specs Good Enough for $19,000?

uniti one ev affordable electric car


The crowdfunded electric car Uniti One by Swedish brand Uniti just received a spec sheet and a price tag.

This tiny EV is just as cute as its price, which will be an affordable £15,100 in the UK (around $19,000) but what about the specs? You decide if they match up.

The Uniti One electric car has a range of up to 186 miles, with two battery sizes available – 12 kWh and 24 kWh.

What’s great is the fact that, according to Uniti, that larger battery can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in just seventeen minutes using a 50 kWh CCS charger. Even better, the smaller 12 kWh model takes just nine minutes for a similar charge.

Those batteries provide sufficient power for the Uniti One to reach 31 mph in 4.1 seconds and 62 mph in 9.9 seconds, according to its makers. 

The top speed for this baby is 75 mph, which is more than enough for city-dwelling folks.

Inside, the Uniti One shakes up the formula by keeping the driver all by his/ her lonesome in the front and center, with two passengers seats in the back. 

uniti one ev interior drivers seat

On each side of the driver are touchscreens powered by Google Android Automotive, with Drive, Neutral and Reverse gears relegated to individual buttons on the dashboard.  

Even though the Uniti One has a tiny form factor and weighs just 600 kg, there is still room for 155 liters of rear cargo, even with three people on board.

However, those who really want to haul things around have the option to fold down the rear seats and gain a lot more space (around 760 litres).

The Uniti One can be ordered in Scandium, Graphite and Titanium colors.

uniti one ev color options

According to Autocar, all customers ordering one before December 2019 will be granted Uniti “Founders Club” status, which comes with free software upgrades for the entire life of the car.

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