Top 3 TVs Unveiled at CES 2019

Bigger and smarter – these are the two buzzwords when it comes to 2019 television sets. We had the opportunity to see the three best models at CES 2019, coming from consumer electronics titans such as Samsung, TCL and LG.  

Samsung 98-inch 8K QLED TV

sasmugn qled 8k

Samsung is pushing their QLED series further, enhancing not just the display technology but the screen size itself. In Las Vegas, they showed an enormous 98-inches QLED TV, the biggest brother in their 8K series. The TV set is equipped with a Quantum Processor 8K chip, Samsung’s proprietary AI technology that can upscale any content to an 8K resolution and supports AirPlay 2 for all you Apple users out there.

TCL 75-inch QLED 8K TV

TCL joined the 8K face-off with a 75-inches Roku QLED TV. The company says it has Quantum Contrast, a backlighting technology where an individual LED was shrunk until they achieved hundreds of dimming zones on a single panel. The price point has not been made available but it shouldn’t cost more than $1,800.

LG Signature 4K OLED TV

LG didn’t just have an extraordinary display at the entrance in Central Hall at CES, but it announced two impressive TVs. One’s an 88-inches 8K OLED TV with a super thin display, a second-gen Alpha 9 processor with improved HDR while the second one is the rollable TV first shown last year.

This time, the LG Signature 4K OLED is ready to go on sale in the months to come. Yes, it’s not an 8K, but we’ll give it the first position in our top for its innovative design. It’s the first of its kind, the first TV to completely retract in its stand. In Zero View, you can simply enjoy its audio qualities, while not having to sacrifice your home décor.

The price point is still anyone’s guess, but let me tell you: it’s not going to be cheap.

Then again, when is a first-of-its-kind product ever budget-friendly?

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