TwelvesSouth PowerPic Basically Charges Your iPhone But In A Classy Way
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TwelvesSouth PowerPic Basically Charges Your iPhone But In A Classy Way

One of the most known Mac accessory makers, TwelveSouth, just announced the PowerPic for the newest iPhones (and a few other competitors). It’s a wireless charger that tries to “declutter” your nightstand.


Well, it essentially hides a wireless charger in a minimalistic-looking frame made out of New Zealand Pine. How classy!

Instead of looking at your iPhone and your charger on the desk, you can simply put the phone inside the frame and get your battery topped up, without sacrificing the design aesthetics of your room.

The PowerPic is not a revolutionary tech by any means but it does combine utility with looks, so it could work well on your Christmas gifts shopping list.

The PowerPic hides a Qi charger, so it’s compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone, not just iPhone 8 or iPhone X models. Obviously, TwelveSouth is still focusing on the Apple crowd but the Qi-certified fast charger, which can deliver up to 10W of wireless power, doesn’t really discriminate.

Among the other models listed are Samsung’s Pixel and Galaxy lines.

The TwelveSouth PowerPic is already up for delivery at $79.99 and, to sweeten the deal, the company also throws in some free iPhone backgrounds.

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