Goodbye to cringy texts: Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature Rolls Out

Goodbye to Cringey Texts: Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature Rolls Out

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It’s been months since Mark Zuckerberg promised an unsend option for Facebook Messenger messages and finally, you’ll be able to take back those things you said.

In his bid to calm down the public after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, plus a bombshell TechCrunch report that revealed Facebook execs had the power to reach out in people’s inboxes to delete messages at will, Zuckerberg promised the same option would come to regular users.

Up until now, if you deleted Facebook messenger messages, they only disappeared from your own inbox, not the recipient’s as well. Soon, you’ll be able to delete Facebook Messenger messages within 10 minutes of sending them.

The news comes straight from the release notes for the latest iOS Messenger app update.

The 10-minute time limit to unsend promises lets you take back your texts “if you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message the wrong thread.”

That’s a fancy way of saying you can now finally unsend messages to your ex or cringey confessions in group chats, just like Facebook execs could do all along.

In early October, screenshots of the feature started floating around on Twitter, so you know this welcome update is just around the corner!


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