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Urbanista Seoul Earbuds Come With Dedicated Latency Toggle for Gamers

There aren’t as many earbuds catering to gamers as there are for fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, when such a pair appears, we listen carefully. Urbanista’s Seoul ones definitely drew our attention due to their dedicated latency toggle.

Unlike other Bluetooth wireless earbuds, the Seoul ones from Urbanista do not rely on a codec to get latency as low as possible. Instead, they go with a system-agnostic way of getting that same effect.

Move the toggle and you can get Bluetooth latency reduced to 70ms; it’s not a record-breaking number but a pretty impressive one when you’re a mobile gamer.

Usually, earbuds go with Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth codec to achieve up to 40ms latency. While that’s a bit better, it’s also conditioned by the type of phone and earbuds you have. Both need to support the codec in order to feel the difference.

Now, that’s normally the case with phones running on Snapdragon but for those who have decided on a different chip… well, you can imagine.

Besides this gaming feature, the Seoul earbuds are pretty standard. They’re IPX4-certified, support Siri and Google Assistant, and can give you eight hours of battery on one charge. The case itself brings another 32 hours of playtime before recharging. They use USB-C connectivity or Qi charging to get to 100%.

How much do Seoul earbuds cost? They’re under $100, selling for $89.90. You can get them in one of four colors – black, blue, purple, and white.

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Urbanista Seoul Earbuds Come With Dedicated Latency Toggle for Gamers

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