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UrgoNight Will Train Your Brain’s Wave Patterns For Better Sleep


When was the last time you met someone who said they have been sleeping soundly every single night and always woke up rested every day? I’m looking at all of us millennials, guys.

At this point, waking up from sleep and not feeling tired is slowly becoming a more widespread human desire than ever before.

Pretty much everyone we know has trouble sleeping – our schedules have become more hectic, we work more hours than before and we also stare at more screens than our parents and grandparents did. In order to combat the problem, a lot of companies are investing time and resources into sleep tech.

French startup Urgo Group is one of them – they decided to take the CES floor with their product, dubbed the UrgoNight.

The UrgoNight is a non-invasive product: a headband. It will, allegedly, help your brain get a better night’s sleep through specific, personalized training.

So, how does it work, you ask? According to UroNight, it’s quite straightforward.

The headband is first connected to the UrgoNight app. From there on, it will be training your brain to develop brain wave patters that will induce a healthier sleep.

If you need more details about how that comes to be, the headband uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) device that measures brain activity. The app interprets the signals and creates custom training exercises.

These exercises vary in style – they can be as simple as focusing on breathing before sleep or focusing your attention on a single point in order to make unnecessary thoughts disappear.

The headband is only to be used during the day as it’s not meant to be worn while sleeping.

In order for the therapy to work, it will require 20-minute sessions a few times per week. According to UrgoNight, the users will find themselves falling asleep faster than before. Waking up during the night will also be reduced by 53%.

Within the app, the users will be able to see their neuro feedback that will showcase their progress in time. But it won’t come easy: apparently, it takes around three months to start seeing the results and only if you stick with it.

The UrgoNight will become available sometime later in the year with a retail price of $600. Pre-orders are expected to start in spring, with deliveries ready by the end of the year.

The UrgoNight is also a CES 2019 Innovation Award honoree for the wearable technology category.

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