BYTON's All-Electric M-Byte Looks to Exceed Initial Promise

BYTON’s All-Electric M-Byte Looks to Exceed Initial Promise

The M-Byte, BYTON’s concept car, first showcased at CES 2018 with features that seemed too good to be true. Even as recently as MWC Shanghai, BYTON’s concept cars seemed to promise a lot without giving us too much information. BYTON’s conference at CES 2019 changed that narrative.

The BYTON M-Byte sports a 48-inch high resolution multicoated screen display.

The BYTON team confirmed that the all-electric vehicle will come with the 48-inch high resolution multicoated screen display. In addition, they have included a 7-inch display on the wheel, a console mounted 8-inch multi touchscreen (the “BYTON Touchpad”). These displays can be operated through touch, voice control, facial recognition, and hand gestures, among other things. These screens act as an infotainment hub, displaying app centers, entertainment, video calls and games on its highly intuitive user interface. Two additional screens are also mounted behind the driver and passenger seats.

BYTON also introduced their newest open digital cloud platform, the “BYTON Life.” This platform connects all applications to one ecosystem, transforming the vehicle to a next generation smart device. Each user will also have a BYTON ID – using AI and ML, the car will learn your personal information and customize itself to your needs. In the demo,

BYTON demonstrates how the car will learn and act upon user preferences.

BYTON cars will run on Byte OS. Through this operating system, the vehicle becomes more personalized and incorporates all aspects of digital life. In time, the M-Byte will learn your voice, seat and mirror position preferences, calendar, home and work address, and music. This is all supported by collaboration with Amazon Alexa, available in all cars.

Other features include:

  • User face recognition on every seat
  • Smart secure gateway and data encryption
  • Multiple driver assistance options
  • Flat antenna design
  • Ready for 5G
  • Level 3 ready autonomous driving

The setup is expected to be available in late 2019 for $45,000 dollars. Those interested can check out the car at BYTON Place in Shanghai (opening January 17th) or preorder for free on their website. Users can also download the BYTON app which uses AR to visualize and step in the M-Byte.

As Henrik Wenders, Vice President of Marketing, said at the start of the conference: “It’s about time that we all, you and I, stop wasting time while being stuck in traffic. It’s about time that all facets of your digital world are in your care.” If the M-Byte delivers on its potential, the car industry will be revolutionized forever.

Other announcements:

  • Much of the design of the concept car remained in the promised production model
  • PRND buttons instead of a control stick.
  • The camera system monitoring while autonomously driving is sleek and non-obtrusive.
  • Currently working on a plant in Nanjiang. When it is fully operational, it will produce 300,000 units per year.
  • Promises to meet the highest global safety and quality standards.
  • BYTON Security Lab promises secure data, but didn’t quite touch on how.
  • The K-Byte concept car looks to be in production in 2021 and a third unnamed model was announced for 2021.

photo credit: Buchanan Westover

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