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USB-C Could Soon Deliver 240W, More Than Double Today’s Max Capacity

Thanks to wide adoption, USB-C is now basically the universal port. Soon, it could rule the entire industry of consumer gadgets and more, as USB-C will deliver 240W.

The new USB-C specification that will come out will more than double the current USB-C Power Delivery output, from 100W to 240W.

This means even more power hungry devices like gaming laptops, monitors, printers and even appliances.

That might also mean a lot more confusion when it comes to locating your cables and bricks. Even today, as you know, USB-C can theoretically go up to 100W but finding a proper cable that’s labeled correctly can sometimes be a headache.

The news comes from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the group that oversees the development of USB standards, who announced what they call the Extended Power Option (EPR) for USB-C.

“For USB Power Delivery, each cable assembly is identified as being either only usable for Standard Power Range (SPR) operation or usable for both SPR and Extended Power Range (EPR) operation,” the specification says, which means that hopefully cable makers will include an icon showing what category they belong to.

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USB-C Could Soon Deliver 240W, More Than Double Today’s Max Capacity
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