These Vegan Sneakers Use Upcycled Party Balloons In Their Soles

Nuven may look like your ordinary, sleek, suede sneakers great for a Sunday stroll but they’re anything but. Undo for Tomorrow conceived them in such a way that no plastics or other synthetic materials had to be used.

Sustainable fashion has never been more in vogue and honestly, we couldn’t be happier for that. It’s this ongoing trend sustained by big retailers that made possible initiatives like Undo for Tomorrow and Nuven, their crowdfunding vegan sneakers with soles made from used party balloons.

Instead, the rubber outsoles are made from discarded party balloons and tire leftovers, that help with resistance and flexibility. The smoothfoam midsole is extremely soft and keeps the sneakers pretty lightweight. The manufacturer says they weigh only 186 grams, by the way.

Coming back to the materials used in making the Nuven, you should know the toe cop is made from rubber from the Amazonian rainforest that in time follows the shape of your feet.

As for the upper layer, don’t fret – it’s 100% vegan with a bamboo lining that keeps the bad odor away and is antibacterial, too.

Even the suede you see above is made from recycled plastic and has a water repellent coat in case those summer rains catch up with you.

All those sustainability brownie points would make you think these are some expensive sneakers – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Nuven sneakers were funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where they surpassed their flexible goal by a LOT.

Now, each pair costs around 80 euros / $85 USD, which, in the world of sneakerheads, is nothing that would make anyone blink. Even for budget-oriented people, they’re a fashionable sustainable pair of shoes at a competitive price point.

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These Vegan Sneakers Use Upcycled Party Balloons In Their Soles
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