Vine’s Successor is Here: Byte Set To Launch In Spring 2019


A short YouTube search will bring you access to a fair number of Vine compilations that feature just as many comments about how much people miss the app. Its legacy still lives online – Vine videos have shaped the internet culture as we know it and have made social media celebrities out of some of their creators. While it was assumed that the app will never be revived again, Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann has decided to show us that, in fact, it will.

Vine won’t be Vine in the original sense of the word, if anything, we can look at it as a reincarnation, which will go by the name of Byte.

Hofmann confirmed that Byte will work as a video-looping app in the same way as its predecessor but has not revealed any other details about how it will work or if we should expect any other new features to accompany it. You can subscribe to a newsletter via the official website, which will keep you posted about any new developments though.

The app is scheduled for a 2019 spring release and it will be interesting to see if it will prove to be as popular as Vine and if, it too, will serve as a new platform for internet celebrities.

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