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Vivo Prepares To Launch Smartphone With Triple Camera

vivo triple camera

Vivo’s next phone might surprise us with more than “just” fingerprint recognition tech integrated in the display. Leaked pictures seem to show a flagship with not one, not two, but three rear cameras #mobilemagic

Weibo users have leaked slides from a Vivo presentation where a groundbreaking smartphone can be seen. We’re talking about a flagship with almost bezel-less display, a fingerprint sensor hidden under it (not on the rear of the device or on the home button) and a triple rear camera.

As you can imagine all these features make it a first in the smartphone industry. While Vivo’s display-integrated fingerprint tech was on display at MWC Shanghai, convincing us we’ll see it live soon, the three camera module is a complete surprise.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else we can infer from the leaked information. The X20 Vivo is showing above will be known as the Xplay 7, though.  It’s not clear what hardware will make the concept reality, nor when we can expect it to hit the market.

Nevertheless, Vivo’s next launch is bound to be exciting at the least. A smartphone manufacturer that takes the lead and gets to be one step ahead of the competition (especially in this field) is worthy of our complete and undivided attention. So, expect more updates on the subject very soon…

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