Voice Dictation For Google Docs Is A Reality

photo credits: Wired.com

If your job is all about writing or you’re still in college, preparing paper after paper, then you need frequent typing breaks. There’s no denying it, yet you’ve always found an excuse to push your limits, so you get everything done. This time though, Google has decided to give you a helping hand and introduce voice dictation for Docs.

You can finally let your voice do the writing, not your hands. Besides dictation, you can use vocal commands to edit the text; select and delete are the easiest tasks by far. To select, you have to say “highlight x”, where x is the word you are referring to and “delete” to remove it completely from the body of text.

Before you get too excited, take into account that the feature is available only for text files, not spreadsheets, for now, and works on the desktop version of Chrome. To enable it, you have to launch a new Google Doc. Then, click tools on the navigation menu, select “voice typing” and click the microphone icon. That’s it!

One piece of advice: don’t forget about punctuation! Google can’t recognize the pauses in your speaking, so you’ll have to express the need for a comma, period or semicolon.

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