Watch Apple’s Latest Effort To Bring Users To The iPhone Side

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Apple’s video content strategy seems to have experienced quite the shift. After a series of video tutorials emphasizing iPhone 7 camera abilities were released, the Cupertino phone maker created video content to bring Android users to the iPhone side. In addition to the Switch website, Apple came up with three simple, straight-to-the-point ads #mobilemagic

The new ads are 15-seconds long and deliver a clear message thanks to a split screen visual. Each of the three is concerned with a different reason for users to abandon their Android or other OS phones in favor of the iPhone. The first one, called simply “Security”, shows how vulnerable other handsets are to data theft:

The second one, “Smooth”, focuses on other phone’s tendency to fail to raise up to the challenge. It insinuates that only the iPhone can guarantee a smooth transition between tasks:

Finally, the “Contacts”, follows the same color block routine but with a slightly different message. Instead of pinpointing other devices’ failures, it’s focused on showing how easy a switch from one operating system to another would be:

Because, let’s face it: the idea of migrating our phone’s content is terrible, especially when it comes to moving phone numbers, e-mails and other things like that.

So, guys, it seems that instead of resting on its laurels, Apple has realized that if it wants to maintain supremacy, it’ll have to give us a bit more of a incentive.

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