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Sony Xperia Touch Projector Is Coming To The Market

sony xperia touch projector

You’ve probably heard at one point or another about Sony Xperia Touch, a device that enables any surface to become a screen. Well, now the device is coming to the market and we can’t wait to test it #objectmagic

If you recall, the Xperia Touch is a black box of wonders. Once it’s activated it can project an Android tablet interface on a wall or table. An infrared sensor detects any movement happening on the projected screen, allowing the device to register touch actions on the wall. By using just your fingers, you can interact with apps and games from that surface, extending the size of the interface. The device’ resolution goes up to 720p but it can use up to 80 inches of space to show the computer graphics.

xperia touch interface

Sony has been showing their device for a while now, but they’re finally ready to take the project to the next stage. Sony Xperia Touch will come to the market with a couple of pre-installed apps that take full advantage of this technology, like a drawing app or a piano one.

The thing you’ll find most interesting about it is that it supports Google Assistant, so it can show you results directly on the wall “canvas”. Xperia Touch is ready to face different challenges with the various sensors it’s equipped with – humidity, temperature, ambient light, GPS, etc.

For all this, plus Bluetooth connectivity, 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM, you’ll be charged $1,700 starting with June 16, when pre-orders start.

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