Watch Out! Samsung's 98-Inch 8K TV Has a $30,000 Discount
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Watch Out! Samsung’s 98-Inch 8K TV Has a $30,000 Discount

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Not only does Samsung’s massive 8K TV have specs that make your head spin, but it also comes at a crazy price. With its 98-inch screen size and 8K resolution, the Samsung Q900R was expected to have a hefty price tag, but $100,000 is ridiculous nevertheless.

Luckily, the 98-inch Q900R expensive TV is getting a discount of $30,000, which makes it just a little bit more ‘affordable’ at $69,000 (circa £55,000 / AU$100,000).

The discount of Samsung’s top-of-the-line TV brings the device closer to the price of its competitor from Sony, the 98-inch Sony Master Series Z9G 8K TV which is approximately $69,700 (around £55,000 / AU$100,000).

For those home cinema fans that are willing to invest a lot, the less expensive alternative (but still pretty costly) is Samsung’s smaller 8K TVs, with 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch (US-only), and 85-inch screens.

Of course, the 85-inch screen is still very big for most homes, but it also costs much less at $14,999 / £14,000 (about AU$21,500).

A lot of us might say that no TV in this world is worth that kind of money, unless you count it as a smart investment.

“It’s easy to be cynical about Samsung’s 8K TV. With precious little native 8K content currently available or due any time soon (outside of Japan, anyway), surely an 8K TV can’t be worth buying now, right? Wrong, actually. For while the 85Q900R is indeed at its barnstorming best with native 8K images, it also sets new standards with the lower-resolution images we’re already watching…” a TechRadar review mentions.

Is it worth buying them on credit? Tell us in the comments!

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