Wayve's AI Learns To Drive A Car In 20 Minutes

Wayve AI Learns To Drive A Car In 20 Minutes

Credit: Wayve

Researchers from Wayve, a company founded by a team from the Cambridge University engineering department, developed an AI smart enough to learn how to drive a car by using just a computer and one camera, in about 20 minutes.

Unlike the bigger companies out there who rely on custom built hardware for their autonomous vehicles, Wayve managed to make its own with only reinforcement learning as the foundation.

The AI’s powering system does not even require any cloud connectivity and does not even employ the use of pre-loaded maps, which makes the Wayve vehicles test-stage level five autonomous.

Of course, there is still much work to be done before Wayve can allow the car to drive on public roads, but the group is only expecting the algorithms to get smarter, as they learn.

Wayve hopes to see an improvement within the next few months, when the vehicles will, hopefully, be able to tackle other problems such as traffic lights and intersections.

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