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Wearsafe Tag Records Everything That’s Happening Before An Attempted Assault

Safety-focused wearables are growing by the day. After SAFER jewellries,  comes the Wearsafe Tag, a small device meant to help college students get in touch with their families in dangerous situations.

wearsafe tag

Larger than a quarter, Wearsafe Tag can be easily attached to any sort of clothing, allowing the user to have immediate access to his circle of friends and family. With the push of a button, the user transmits an alert to emergency contacts via email, text or the accompanying app. Instantly, a group chat is started and dear ones can come to the rescue following the GPS signal.

So far, it looks like any gadget of its kind. There are two notable differences, though: the Tag works even when your phone is not on you, but 200 metres away, and it can record audio up to one minute before you activate the device. Everything that is being said to the wearer, the threats, ambient sounds and replies, is registered. This means it provides solid evidence in the event of a following complaint and a proper context to build a case.

Wearsafe Tag application works with iOS and will soon be released for Android, too.

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