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World’s First 3D Metal Printed Bicycle

Amsterdam just got one more reason to be called “coolest European capital”. Five students from the Technical University of Delft created the first 3D bike made from stainless steel!

Arc Bicycle isn’t just gorgeous in a minimalist, industrial fashion, but its design reduces weight while maximizing strength.

There were key pieces that needed to be bought and not printed such as the head tube, bottom bracket and rear dropouts. From that point on, a six-axis industrial robotic arm owned by Dutch company MX3D started building the frame. It took 3 months to add layer upon layer of metal, in every direction that designers thought of, requiring zero support structures.

Given the awesome ability of the machine – 3D printing with steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and aluminum in various widths – the company undertook a much larger project: building a 26-foot, steel pedestrian bridge across one of Amsterdam’s canals. By next year, you should see it with your own eyes.


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